An FIDF IMPACT! student writing from her rocket-ridden city of Ashkelon

posted: 11/21/12

Among the many young people suffering from rocket fire in Israel are FIDF’s IMPACT! students, spread out throughout the country, including southern Israel, which has been bombarded with heavy rocket fire. As a result, the studies and volunteer activities of many IMPACT! students have been interrupted, and a great number of students have been called up for reserve duty. Below is an inspiring letter written by IMPACT! student Liat, about her home of Ashkelon, which has seen constant rocket fire causing residents to live in continuous fear.

LiatMy name is Liat and I live and study in Ashkelon. For a long time, and especially now, the entire South of the country has been ruled by the sound of sirens.

Since the beginning of the escalation the town has been deserted. People stay at home for fear of being struck by a rocket. Children don't go to kindergarten or school and parents stay with them and don't go to work. All activities that involve a gathering of people are cancelled and the town is in a state of war.

At the moment, my studies, volunteer activities and all the other activities that used to fill my time during the week have been cancelled, and it is very hard to be at home all day. My aunt and grandmother live in old houses that are not protected against rocket fire, and my father works in a factory which isn’t protected either. I'm even afraid to go out to buy what we need for the house. There is a constant feeling of tension and anxiety.

From my house you can hear the explosions all day long. Most of the rockets are shot down by the Iron Dome system but there are still some that score direct hits on houses, cars and, saddest of all, innocent people. Soldiers and civilians are injured; even a one-year-old baby was wounded the other day. In addition many people suffer from trauma and anxiety.

Just the other day a rocket hit the building where my 80 year old grandfather lives, causing damage to property and injuring two people. We all hope that soon we will be able to return to our normal lives and that parents will be able to send their children to school or just let them play outside without fear.

Residents in the center and North of the country are opening their homes to people from the South, inviting them to stay and there are even free activities for residents of the South to help them relax and unwind from the stressful situation.

The unity of the people of Israel at times of war is heartwarming.


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