An FIDF IMPACT! student writing from reserve duty


Among the many young people suffering from rocket fire in Israel are FIDF’s IMPACT! students, spread out throughout the country, including southern Israel, which has been bombarded with heavy rocket fire. As a result, the studies and volunteer activities of many IMPACT! students have been interrupted, and a great number of them have been called up for reserve duty. Below is an inspiring letter written by Dor, an IMPACT! student who was called up for reserve duty along the Gaza border and is currently serving to defend the country.

My name is Dor Hadad. I served in the army as an officer in the Orev unit of the Nachal Brigade. Today I am a third-year student of economics at Sapir College in Sderot.
Last Friday, during Shabbat dinner, I received a phone call calling me up for reserve duty because of the situation. At first I was afraid of what might happen but, inside, I knew there was no choice. The situation has become intolerable.
It is an indescribable situation that the residents of the south of the country are living in, and I feel that I am the representative of all these people who have been living in fear in recent years.

I have been on reserve duty since Friday. Let me be frank. No one wants to fight... No one wants to carry heavy loads on their back. And yet it is happening. I thought that after four and a half years in the army I had done my part, but the moment arrives when you are called up to service. When I arrived, I realized I was not alone: 120% of those called up showed up for duty! This means that people who weren't even on the list came to serve.
Over the past two years that I have been living and volunteering in Sderot, I have met many people, and I see that the population there is broken and the children suffer from trauma. As part of my volunteering with the IMPACT! Program, I volunteer with Acharai, an organization that prepares young people for meaningful service in the army. I am here today for my students from Acharai.
Thank you,

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