Operation Pillar of Defense Update


In these difficult days in Israel, IDF men and women are giving their all to ensure Israel remains safe – and FIDF is right there with them.

Since the onset of Operation Pillar of Defense on November 14th, 570 rockets have hit Israel while the Iron Dome has intercepted an additional 307. Sirens have sounded in Tel Aviv for the first time since the Gulf War and as many as 1,000,000 Israelis sit in bomb shelters every day. Thousands of reserve forces have been mobilized and IDF troops are fighting day and night to protect their families and homeland.

FIDF has been there with the soldiers from the very beginning. We are responding directly to the IDF’s needs and have distributed and continue to distribute thousands of items to units , ensuring the wellbeing of their soldiers who are ready to fight for Israel at any moment. These items cover basic needs such as hygiene and food, as well as giving the soldiers a moment to rest and rejuvenate.

FIDF care packages have included the following:

  • - Snack packages - Israeli snack foods and candy for soldiers
  • - Undergarment kits - Socks, undershirts, and underwear for men and women soldiers
  • - Toiletry kits - Personal hygiene packages for men and women soldiers
  • - Field towelettes for basic hygiene - A package of 10 towelettes
  • - “Break from the battlefield” kits - Providing rest and recreation centers for soldiers on the field, each kit including an LCD TV screen, cable box, speaker, supplies for preparing hot beverages, and board games

We hope that soon soldiers will be able to return to their homes and bases safely. When this happens, they’ll need of a week of rest and recreation, provided by the SPIRIT program, enabling them to recuperate after this difficult mission. Moreover, soldiers whose families struggle financially and with acquiring basic necessities will need to know that anytime they are on the field, their families are cared for. The DIGNITY Program helps by providing basic necessities for soldiers and their families, so they can focus on the task at hand.

If you’d like to donate any of the aforementioned items to Israel’s soldiers now, please visit our FIDF Frontline Operation page and keep checking back for updates.

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