The 2017 Women's Mission to Israel

Day 1 – Saturday, March 4th 

In the morning, some of the group experienced Jerusalem's history through a walking tour of Jerusalem's
    historic neighborhood, Talbieh while other walked through the culture-filled Old City. In the evening, the group received an in-depth briefing by Moshe "Bogie" Ya'alon, Israel's former Chief of Staff and former Defense Minister.

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2017 Women's Mission - Day 1

Day 2 – Sunday, March 5th 

In the morning, the group took a special tour of the Knesset highlighting women's representation in
Israel's democracy, followed by a meeting with Knesst Member Anat Berko, terrorism specialist and
author of the book, Suicide Women. After the engaging conversation with Anat Berko, the group
met with Yaov Galant, Israel's Minister of Construction. 

The afternoon was spent at Masu'ot Yitzhak, a pre-military academy for religious girls, named
after Tamar Ariel z''l, the first religious female navigator in the IAF.

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2017 Women's Mission - Day 2

Day 3 – Monday, March 6th 

The group had a visit with Caracal, the first co-ed combat battalion that protects Israel's border with Egypt.

2017 Women's Mission - Day 3

Day 4 – Tuesday, March 7th 

      After a visit to Bahad 1, the IDF Officer Training School, where participants met with
      future officers, the group went on to visit Zikim training Base and engaged with soldiers
          from the Home Front Command who lead brave search and rescue missions in Israel and abroad.

Later that evening, the group had dinner with a lecture by Dvora Forum, a professional network
of senior women in foreign policy, security, public policy and law who aim to advance the
standing of women in the IDF and in all of Israeli society.

2017 Women's Mission - Day 4

Day 5 – Wednesday, March 8th 

      The day started with a visit to Kirya, the IDF Headquarters where the group met with the Women's Affairs Advisor to the Chief of staff as well as female IDF colonels.

Next, the group had an emotion-filled conversation over lunch with Miriam Peretz, the mother of two fallen IDF soldiers.

The evening was spent soaking in the Tel Aviv nightlife.

2017 Women's Mission - Day 5

Day 6 - Thursday, March 9th

The day began with a meeting with a premier Intelligence Unit and meeting with Inbal Kreiss,
the former program manager of Arrow-3, an exo-atmospheric active defense system. Kreiss was awarded
the "woman of the year" title by globes magazine in 2012, and in 2014 she was voted one of the 10
most inspiring women in tech in Asia.

The final evening was spent at a private opening and farewell dinner at the Ilana Goor Museum to
celebrate the week's journey and reminisce about the experience. 

2017 Women's Mission - Day 6

See you all next year for the second Women's Mission to Israel!

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