Long Island Chapter's 10th Annual IDF Appreciation Evening

  On Thursday, October 22, over 500 prominent lay leaders and FIDF supporters from across Long Island attended the Long Island Chapter's 10th Annual IDF Appreciation Evening at Fresh Meadow Country Club in support of Israel's soldiers.

The evening was a tribute to the chapter's achievements of the past decade, including a special recognition to all our past honorees who have been instrumental in the founding and growth of our chapter. Click HERE to see all our wonderful accomplishments over the last ten years. We were happy to have Michelle Ahdoot serve as the Master of Ceremonies for the evening's program.

In attendance were several active-duty IDF soldiers, including Cpl. Aliza, a Lone Soldier from 
Philadelphia who trains tank gunners in the IDF's Armored Corps.

"I feel I am doing my part by serving and defending Israel as a soldier. However our battle is not just in the field. It is, and needs to be fought on social media, on college campuses, and in the press as well. It is people like you who fight those battles and defend us, and for that I am truly grateful."
- Cpl. Aliza

Sgt. Elad, who survived a gunshot wound to the head during a firefight in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge shared his heroic story.

 "During my military service, I was grateful to FIDF for the packages and assistance sent to the troops. But I connected with FIDF personally after my injury. While I was lying in my bed, not yet able to take in everything that had happened, and filled with pain, FIDF sent a delegation to visit me and my injured friends. Thanks to them, I remember the long hospital stay as a positive and optimistic chapter in my life."
- Sgt. Elad

We were also honored to have with us Jake Steinberg, whose shared the story of his brother, Sgt. Max Steinberg Z"L, a Lone Soldier originally from Los Angeles who moved to Israel and enlisted in the IDF. Max was killed during last summer's Operation Protective Edge in Shejaia,
Gaza City, after his vehicle was struck by an anti-tank weapon. We gained insight into Max's life and the remarkable family he left behind. We thank Jake for sharing history and his brother's legacy with us. May his memory be a blessing.

"A year has gone by since Max passed away, and yet it is interesting that many times he seems more alive now than before. I do believe that when people remember him and when people are inspired and encouraged to act rather than watch, Max's essence lives on... Max should be remembered as a good person who chose a life of meaning and action, who believed in taking a stand and fighting for what's right and important."
- Jake Steinberg, brother of Max Steinberg Z"L


The program concluded with an address from Long Island Chapter Chair, Ronny Ben-Josef, who ignited the crowd to raising an astounding sum for Israel's soldiers.














Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Long Island community, over $1 million was raised to benefit the wellbeing of IDF soldiers!

If you wish to take part in the efforts of the Long Island Chapter, please click here.

We hope to see you at the 11th Annual IDF Appreciation Evening and at other FIDF events in our community. In the meantime, please check FIDF's Facebook Page and website soon to view more photos from the event!


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