Golani Brigade

Day in and day out, IDF soldiers like those in the Golani Brigade work hard to ensure Israel remains safe and its citizens remain unharmed. The Adopt a Brigade Program is a way to not just support these soldiers but to become one with them, celebrating yearly brigade milestones, holidays and more. Adopt a Brigade focuses on the DIGNITY Program, SPIRIT Program, the Lone Soldiers Program and general wellbeing activities.

Adoption Cost: $730,000 per year ($2,190,000 over three years)

About Golani Brigade

The Golani Brigade was founded on February 22nd, 1948, three months before the founding of the State of Israel. It is considered the first combat brigade of the IDF and was stationed in the valleys and hills of the Lower Galilee in northern Israel.

These days, when the IDF takes on its most demanding missions, the Golani Brigade is one of the first brigades to be called up. Golani took on much of the fighting during the Second Intifada and the Second Lebanon War. During Israel’s recent Operation Cast Lead, Golani was stationed in one of the toughest battle zones in the region.

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“The Iron Trail Brigade is responsible for protecting Israel’s borders 24 hours/day, north to south, east to west. We strive for the country’s safety through professionalism and honor the value of respect for the human life.”

Col. Saar Tzur,
Commander of the Brigade

Your Generous Donation Can Provide the Following:

Fleece Jacket
Food Voucher
Spirit Week - 1 Soldier
Stovetop Oven
Bunk Bed
Family-Sized Fridge
Lone Soldier Flight
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