ADOPT A BRIGADE - FIDF Southeast Region - Combat Intelligence Corps

FIDF’s ADOPT A BRIGADE program forms an extraordinary bond with an entire brigade by building andstrengthening the relationship between Jewish communities in America and the tens of thousands of Israel’ssoldiers being assisted. Support for the soldiers includes the full breadth of FIDF programs, including education,Lone Soldiers, financial relief, spiritual needs, and critical rest and recuperation weeks.

Knowing that the soldiers I worked so closely with, who I taught and trained and fought with, thebrigade that I helped expand in the south, always has someone looking after them, has a wholewonderful community providing them so much, it is an amazing feeling. Even though you were farphysically, you were always close to our hearts and I want to thank you from all of the soldiers thatyou helped supporting. Knowing that people far away are thinking about you warms the heart.”
Maj. Ortal Amar, Combat Intelligence Brigade

Adoption Cost: $440,000 per year ($1,320,000 over three years)


Life in Combat Intelligence Corps


The IDF’s first combat intelligence unit was established in the 1970’s, following Israel’s difficult Yom Kippur War. Some years later, in the year 2000, the IDF realized the importance of having such a unit become its own corps and the Combat Intelligence Corps was created.

The corps’ ranks include hardworking women who take on the unit’s activities such as the following:
  • Navigation, field training and camouflage
  • Analyzing potential life-saving data through photographs
  • Operating Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) cameras
  • Using radars against distant targets and ground infiltration of Israel

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“Our job is to prevent any terrorist attack on all of Israel’s fronts. The brigade’s successes are not something most people hear about due to our discreet line of work. This program is a huge help for us and it’s great that because of your support we have a chance to unwind and let soldiers relax.”

Maj. Itay,
commander in Combat Intelligence Corps

“We’re always working very hard, we never stop. Just knowing we have someone supporting us a 100%, it’s an amazing feeling and I don’t think we would be able to do without it.”

Cpl. Rhona Dalgleish,
Lone Soldier in the Combat Intelligence Corps

Your Generous Donation Can Provide the Following:

Fleece Jacket
Food Voucher
Spirit Week - 1 Soldier
Stovetop Oven
Bunk Bed
Family-Sized Fridge
Lone Soldier Flight
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