Adopt a Battalion Program

Known as the best armed forces in the world, the IDF’s might and strength result from Israel’s constant need to fight for her existence and survival.  From a very early age, the boys and girls of Israel learn that at age eighteen, they must leave their childhoods behind, and risk their lives in order to defend and protect their homeland.

For those who feel the driving need to be on the front lines, there are a few premier battalions that carry with them a rich heritage of dangerous combat and incredible heroism, which hold the most prestige for aspiring combat soldiers. Through FIDF’s “Adopt a Battalion” program, supporters have the opportunity to become connected in their own right to these premier battalions. In many ways a microcosm of the full range of FIDF’s programs, Adopt a Battalion offers soldiers support for all of their immediate needs, empowering them to focus exclusively on the increasingly challenging mission of protecting Israel’s safety, and that of Jews worldwide.

Adopt a Battalion Program

Support a Battalion and Form an Extraordinary Bond
The Adopt-a-Battalion program is the most personal way to show the soldiers of the IDF that we know of their sacrifice, and that we care . Adopt-a-Battalion seeks to provide our soldiers a respite, and to demonstrate our love and support for them through unit celebrations and events that applaud their bravery and commitment. 

Who receives support?
The combat battalions of the IDF operate daily to protect Israel's borders, and their soldiers maintain the incredible burden of serving at the forefront of Israel's defense. 

What is provided?
Through the Adopt-a-Battalion program, battalion commanders annually designate the use of donated funds to various events and activities that celebrate our soldiers' achievements and hard work. All sponsored events significantly enhance morale and team spirit.


What is the need?
It costs $90,000 to adopt a battalion for 3 full years. 
*This is committed through $30,000 increments each year.
In return, your community will truly become one with the soldiers in your respective battalion, and will remain deeply and directly connected through:
 Opportunity to visit the battalion's soldiers on base
 Direct communication with the battalion's commander
 Pictures, letters, and updates from activities afforded through adoption
Gifts from soldiers bearing battalion's insignia


Battalion Chapter/Region Donor
Magav Surrounding Jerusalem SD Steve and Patricia Mizel
Yamas Ayosh SD Steve and Patricia Mizel
Armor Corps, Habok'im Battalion 52 TRI-NY Harvey Axelrod
IAF Anti-Aircraft Bat 139 Desert Diamond TRI-YL Anonymous 
Nachal Haredi Bat 97 Netzach Yehuda TRI-LI The Five Towns & Greater South Shore Community
Anti Aircraft  Battalion 947 Iron Dome CA-LA Saul and Gail Rosenzweig
Air Force Squadrons 107,102,123 IL Anonymous 
Kedem Search & Rescue Battalion MD Baltimore Chapter, MidAtlantic Region
Air Force Squadrons 100, 106, 200 TRI-NY Anonymous 
Combat Engineering Training Base PA Dr. Alan and Sarah Schorr 
Utzbat Bnei Or CA-LA Dr. Susan Graysen
Nachal Brigade HQ MD Northern Virginia, MidAtlantic Region 
Battalion 450 (Flying lions) TRI/NJ Temple Emanuel of Closter
Squadrons 118,114,210 TRI/LI The Mashadi Community, UMJCA
Squadrons 157,193,115 TRI/NJ Anonymous 
Battalion 66 - Ram CA-LA The Russian Speaking Community of Los Angeles
Maharon Battalion WT/CT Michael and Lisa Leffell 
Squadrons 101, 105, 124  WT/CT Michael and Lisa Leffell 
Har Sagi Regional Brigade +Edom NAT FIDF
Hermon and Saar divisions NAT FIDF
Bach Nachal 933 - training base NAT FIDF
Battalion 195 - Adam NAT FIDF
Ofek/Afik Boca Anonymous 
Efraim Regional Brigade 7877 Miami Anonymous 
Etzion Regional Brigade 8015 Miami Anonymous 
Benjamin Regional Brigade 9337 Miami Anonymous 
Menashe Regional Brigade 6891 Miami Anonymous 
Shomron Regional Brigade 9341 Miami Anonymous 
Judah Regional Brigade 9336 Miami Anonymous 
Battalion 414 Eagle TRI-NY Anonymous 
Bach Givati 884 - Training Base Miami Anonymous 
Combat Intelligence- Ait Battalion 595 TRI-NY Anonymous 
Chiram Division + Division 36 HQ TRI-NY Anonymous 
Squadrons 103,120,133 TRI-NY Anonymous 
Tavor Battalion TRI-NY Anonymous 
Eitam 611 Battalion TRI-NY Anonymous 
Battalion 17 (Golan Lions) Miami Anonymous 
Battalion 906 (Negev Foxs) CA-LA Anonymous 
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