FIDF Long Island Physicians Group Kickoff Event

What an inspirational evening! On Wednesday, January 20, the Friends of the IDF Long Island Physicians Group held its very first kickoff event at the New York Breast Reconstruction Associates. Over 30 physicians joined together as we welcomed Staff Sgt. Jimmy and Dr. Eyal Gur to share their stories, from their service in the IDF to where they are today. Staff Sgt. Jimmy served in the IDF in the Nahal Brigade as a lone soldier from Mexico and is currently studying Business and Economics at The Hebrew University. Jimmy is a recipient of an FIDF IMPACT! Scholarship, which covers the cost of academic tuition for higher education. As an IMPACT! recipient, Jimmy volunteers 130 hours of community service each year, and is proud to make a positive impact on his community.

Dr. Eyal Gur served in the IDF in the air force commando unit. During the First Lebanon War, he suffered an injury and lost his right leg. He made a quick recovery and participated in Paralympic games in both volleyball and swimming. In 2013, Dr. Gur participated in FIDF’s Strides Program, where he spent 2 weeks at a facility on Long Island being fitted with special prosthetics for high impact sports. He recalls the wave of emotions he felt as he was able to run for the first time in 33 years. Since then, he has completed numerous half marathons, joined by his wife and children. Dr. Gur is currently the head of the Plastic Surgery Department of The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, and shared with us some of the latest advancements in plastic surgery and the many successful, life-changing operations that have saved and improved his patients’ lives. 

We would like to thank the event hosts, Dr. Jonathan Bank, Dr. Michael Buchholtz, Dr. Randall S. Feingold, and Dr. Ron Israeli, and the event sponsor, ViOptix, for helping put together this inspiring and interesting event in support of Israel’s soldiers.

 If you are interested in becoming involved with the FIDF Long Island Physicians Group, please contact or 646-274-9649.

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